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Did you recently have you have your pictures taken for the Sting Soccer Club?  Some of the pictures are ready to be previewed online.  The instructions on how to preview your pictures and submit an order are listed below. If your team name is not listed below, we are still processing your pictures.


Instructions on How to Preview Your Pictures Online and Submit An Order

1. Click to donwload the GusG Photography Order Form.


2. Find you team's name on this list and click on it to see your pictures' preview.


Dallas Division

   Sting 94 Flanagan

   Sting 94 ECNL Medina

   Sting 95 White Ferretti

   Sting 95 Halverson

   Sting 95 Royal Brown

   Sting 95 Blue Borunda

   Sting 95 ECNL Medina

   Sting 96 Royal Ferretti

   Sting 96 Flanagan

   Sting 96 Blue Borunda

   Sting 96 ECNL Tatu

   Sting 97 Royal Halverson

   Sting 97 Blue Nichols

   Sting 97 Brown

   Sting 97 ECNL Tatu

   Sting 98 ECNL Rezaie   

   Sting 98 Brown   

   Sting 99 Royal Gutierrez

   Sting 99 Rezaie

   Sting 00 Rezaie

   Sting 00 Harr

   Sting 00 Ferretti

   Sting 00 Gutierrez

   Sting 01 Flanagan

   Sting 01 Taylor


East Division

   Sting 96 East Welch

   Sting 98 East Ross

   Sting 01 East Gutierrez


East Texas Division

   Sting 96 East Texas Rose

 Sting 97/98/99 East Texas Rose

   Sting 00 East Texas Schaal

   Sting 00 East Texas Currie

   Sting 01 East Texas Coggin


West Division

   Sting 95 West Royal Fitzgerald

   Sting 96 West Richardson

   Sting 96 West Royal McDonald

   Sting 97 West Blue O'Keefe

   Sting 98 West Fitzgerald

   Sting 00 West Richardson

   Sting 00 West West

   Sting 01 West O'Keefe


3. Fill out the order form with your information and order detail.

4. If you are paying with a credit card, call your order in to



or send order information and payment to


5. If you are paying with cash or check, mail your order form and payment to:

GusG Photography

P.O. Box 824416

Dallas, TX 75382

6. We will notify you via email once your order is received.