Current Photography


I keep most of the current stuff in my SmugMug photo site. You can access it here.


Older Photography

I used to have separate pages on this website for the different events I photographed.  You can access these old pages via these links.  

692 Beach Volleyball

Bishop Lynch High School Volleyball

Dallas Juniors Volleyball

Knights Volleyball

St Thomas Aquinas (multiple sports)

Sting Soccer

Ursuline Academy Volleyball

Action Photography

Would you like me to take sports pictures for you?  I can do that.  Here is how it works.  

The Scoop

We PRE-SELL photos in advance of the event. Pre-selling is done by having all the coaches email the players and their parents to let them know that action photos of a specific team requires a pre-paid fee of $150 and that this fee will entitle the team to a CD with over 100 action photos or more from their game.If each player chips in $10, a team of 15 players will have paid for their CD.

Keep in mind that this CD will give each parent not one but several images of their own player in action. whereas a singe 8 x 10 print from us would cost $20. So the CD is quite an offering. The CD will also include sideline shots of the coach and team staff and bench. It does not include any team or indivudal portraits we have done, only the game action.

If the team wants us to photograph a second or third game, the price is 50% off ($75) the base price ($150) for each additional game. Once we receive an order for a team for a specific game, a photographer is assigned to photograph that game. Afterwhich, photos are processed over the next few days and team CDs mailed within 7-10 days to the head coach or manager of the team to distribute to each player. A copyright release is provided with each disk so parents or players can have copies made at their local photo counter drug store without difficulty.

In addition to prints, we also offer a variety of other photo products at your event, including, posters, photo acrylic statuettes, giant stick-on wall photos, and more.  

When you purchase a team CD you'll receive all the high resolution images from a specific game or performance. If everyone chips in from the team, that will come up to about $15-$25 per person for multiple images of each player/performer. Compared to buying prints, you'll save a ton. If you want to purchase CDs of any of your additional games or performances, the price for those added CDs drops 50%. And, if you would like us to print any of those images that are on the CD, we will do so for 50% off the regular print price!


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